Hand Waxing

Works best for car paints that are not heavily damaged by sun, snow and other exterior elements, yet it can offer the vehicle a fine shine, some protection and it surely will enhance the vehicle's look and finish.

Paint Touch-Up

Re-coating of very small localized areas of a newly painted surface, in order to conceal repairs to minor damage or to cover up small surface defects, such as scuff marks, that have occurred on the vehicle.

Headlight Restoration

Refinishing aged headlight lenses that have become discoloured or dull due to oxidation primarily due to UV light and other environmental factors such as road debris impact.


Application of a rubber-based composite onto the bare metal on the underside of the vehicle. It’s designed to dampen vibrations creating a sound barrier for a quieter ride. Undercoat also helps seal out moisture and protects your vehicle from gravel, dirt and road salt.

Pet Hair Removal

we love our furry friends, but they can make a mess. Gary Moe Detailed will removal all that extra fluff to ensure your vehicle is in tip-top condition.

Gravel Guard

Refresh the look of your vehicle with Gravel guard. A coating that makes the frame of your vehicle look like new again.


Rustproofing treats specific, hard to reach places all over your car that are good places for rust to form. These are done by spraying a kind of protective wax all over parts that can easily chip or where moisture can accumulate.

Odour Removal

removing odour in the vehicle to ensure it is fully deodorized

Professional Pictures

if you are in the market of selling your vehicle, we offer professional photography to enhance the selling process.

Electrostatic Disinfectant

Electrostatic disinfection is applied with a low-pressure sprayer and charged particles adhere to every surface including crevices and undersides.

This process provides 100% wrap-around coverage and can be done in both residential and commercial properties. Electrostatic disinfection is the most effective way of protecting you and your family or co-workers.

Approved by Health Canada to Kill Human Coronavirus in General