Ceramic Coating

Starting at $695.00*


Ceramic coating offers unparalleled protection for your vehicle's paint, shielding it from UV rays, dirt, and environmental contaminants. Not only does it enhance the shine and gloss of your car's finish, but it also simplifies maintenance, keeping your vehicle looking brand new for longer.

Better UV Protection

Platinum Ceramic Paint Protection completely seals your vehicle’s paint, shielding it from the sun’s harmful UV rays. The ceramic coating protects it from fading and even oxidation.

Better Chemical Protection

Platinum Ceramic Paint Protection prevents paint from fading or peeling away because it permanently bonds to the clear coat, becoming one single layer. Since it’s a silicon carbide compound, the clear coat becomes up to 50% stronger and is extremely chemical resistant because of the way it bonds.

Better Investment

Platinum Ceramic Paint Protection is a “one and done” coating. The clear, liquid coating is applied by hand, with no need for boosters or reapplications. This gives your clear coat the protection it needs in half the time!

Better Water Resistance

Platinum Ceramic Paint Protection is Hydrophobic. It enhances the clear coat’s ability to repel water. Dirt and grime will find it challenging to stick to the paint, making it easier to clean while leaving a glossier finish.